Not only does The Workshop provide tailored education for our students, we also have many recreational projects and workshops, including football programmes, and arts workshops to encourage our students to find their voice.

Find out more about our work below:



The Workshop provides a range of recreational workshops in our centre, from the arts to professional skills building. In the past these have included: origami, formal letter writing, coding, comic book drawing, photography, acting and music workshops. 

We also regularly organise field trips for our students, where we visit local museums, or institutions like the Belgrade Zoo, to encourage learning through experiencing new things and

having fun.


We are always open to new suggestions! If you would like to pitch an idea for a workshop you could bring to us, please contact us



The Workshop strives to provide an educational environment that is challenging, motivating and responsive to the needs and interests of our students. The challenge for us is to provide meaningful learning activities that will best support our students to face an uncertain future. Our curricula are dynamic and constantly improving as we draw on educational research and the wealth of knowledge our volunteers bring. The core learning activities focus on Serbian, English and German languages and Mathematics. Additional learning outcomes are offered depending on student needs.



In December 2017, a regular student at The Workshop approached one of our volunteers and said how sad he was that he couldn’t engage in as much sport as he’d like, and he’d love the chance to play football. Not long after, The Workshop football team was born. Every week since January 2018, a group of footballers from Krnjaca Asylum Centre and some refugees living elsewhere in the city have gathered in Palilula to play 5-a-side. 


These successful weekly get-togethers have culminated in tournaments organised by Refugee Aid Serbia and The Workshop,  including teams from camps all around Serbia and local Serbian teams. This is a key feature of The Workshop’s commitment to providing recreational opportunities and integration activities to refugees in Belgrade and beyond. 



As part of our commitment to promoting the inclusion of refugees and migrants in Serbian society, and in hoping to raise awareness of the situation in Serbia, The Workshop has also consistently strived to host community outreach programmes and events to help bring people close and break down barriers between them. 

We are always looking to partner with new local organisations in Serbia, if you are interested or have an idea for a project please send us an email. 




The Workshop regularly hosts a variety of events in the city of Belgrade and further afield. In the past these have included: fundraising events around the world; community outreach events to help encourage integration; mixers with other NGOs in the city to encourage collaboration; and exhibitions of our students' artwork. 

We also plan and implement trainings with and for other NGOs. If you'd like to attend our next training by Refugee Aid Serbia on the context and recent history of refugees in the Balkans, please contact us

Read on for an overview of some of our most successful events:




In December 2018, our students participated in a three week long programme by From Inside Project where they taught our students how to play with composition and exposure, using donated cameras. The result was a collection of spectacular images: of Krnjaca camp, of their snowy journeys to the Workshop, of the city of Belgrade through their eyes. Inspired by the images, we organised an exhibition named Through Our Eyes, which was exhibited at Kvaka 22, an artists’ community and gallery in the city. The following Saturday, we organised for a group of local DJs, WATP,  who played incredible sets surrounded by the exhibition. This was live streamed as a successful fundraising drive on social media. It was also an opportunity for us to encourage integration with the local community and give our students the opportunity to be celebrated - not as refugees - but as artists.

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In June 2019 the Workshop promoted Refugee Week by raising awareness on the situation for refugees along the Balkan Route and in Belgrade through factual social media posts.


This accompanied our series of events: a comic book illustrating event for students with OKO NAS and local artists; a football tournament between teams from both asylum centres and local teams; a picnic for employees and volunteers of NGOs working with refugees to get to network; and a screening of the award-winning Serbian short film "Anywhere: Bilo Gde" with a Q+A with the director, Aleksander Aleksic. 




Thanks to a grant from IRIS Network in summer 2019, The Workshop planned to conduct a series of inclusion and integration festivals in 5 cities around the country. Unfortunately, these activities were cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we were still able to host events in Subotica and Sjenica.

In Subotica, we tailored our activities to suit the needs of the camp population, with mostly families residing in the government-run centre. Our volunteers hosted a successful arts and crafts workshop for children of the camp, while our team hosted a screen filming of the film Rušenje Predrasuda and a Q & A session with the director, Sanja Eker, and journalist, Natalija Jakovljević for older refugees and members of the local population. 

With the support of Kancelarija za Mlade Sjenica, we were able to host a successful two-day festival in Sjenica in March 2020. On the first day, we arranged a successful tournament for three teams from the government-run centre and two teams from the local community. The next day, we hosted a show of cultural displays in the city's Ustanova Kulture, with performances from KUD Jedinstvo and KUD Gajrat, which succeeded in bringing refugees and locals together in a day of celebration.